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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Press Release

NEWS RELEASE:  Laura Novosad Launches Campaign for Florida House District 80:

Laura Novosad announces her run for Florida House of Representative in District 80 on the Democrat ticket, covering Eastern Collier and Hendry County, in the General Election to be held on November 3, 2020.

Laura will work to change the focus of the leadership in Tallahassee, bring a new vision to government, and refocus our politics on practical common sense legislation that will improve the lives of our citizens.     

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I am introducing myself to let you know I will fight to win this race and take that fighting spirit on to Tallahassee.  I have been watching our elected officials and it is sad that our legislative body has stopped working on sound policy. I want to change that and bring back a solid path forward based on practical solutions that work for all.

I have lived in Florida House District 80 for over 22 years, first in Collier and now in Hendry.  This history has brought me many rich experiences that have shaped who I am.  I am standing up to run in this election because I know that our Representatives in Tallahassee should and could do better.  We find ourselves with a government that is not focused on what is best for Florida.   I believe in giving people a fighting chance to better themselves in this world.  Finding a path to a better life that offers the dream of prosperity; people need to know that if they work hard their lives will improve.  I strongly believe in rewarding hard work, protecting the innocent, and calling out injustice when we see it.    I will bring back “Trust” wherever I can in our leadership.  It is my goal to protect our democracy and protect the interest of the residents of House District 80.  Looking forward to learning the issues that concern you most. Feel free to contact me with your concerns at  I would be honored to receive  your vote and support. 

Laura Novosad

Democratic Candidate for Florida House District 80

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