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where I will share my views and give you a chance to know me better. While I am new to politics with a capital “P”​, my civic engagement has been lifelong.  Having lived in District 80 for 22 years, I know our issues. Now I can see that I must work within the political arena in order to get meaningful reform. Please know that I will fight for the causes and issues that will improve the lives of the people in our community. I believe in people and know that we are capable of so much better. Sometimes you may not agree with me but I  believe that mostly you will. I will listen to  your issues and concerns and will always be transparent and honest when expressing my views. Together, we will build a better future.


Please join me on this exciting run from the 80th District to the State House.​


Improve Water Quality

Clean water is crucial to our farming industries and tourism, as well as for residents.  Dirty water is stunting Florida’s safety and economy.  We must build more surface retention ponds, protect our ground water, prevent saltwater incursion, launch septic tank testing, ban fracking, and clean up Lake Okeechobee.


Housing Security


Lack of affordable housing hurts families. The Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund provides a variety of funding streams that support housing for low income families.  Since 2003 the State has diverted nearly 2 billion dollars away from the fund and into the general state budget. These funds should be replenished and used as they were intended. 

Medical Security

Everyone has a right to affordable health care, and that right protects all of us.  The Corona virus pandemic makes it clearer than ever that when one person is sick, our entire community is at risk and impacted.  We must expand health care access by expanding Medicaid, which would guarantee health care for an additional 800,000 Floridians. 



Farming is the backbone of District 80 but unfortunately, the popularity of Florida as a site for second homes and a retirement destination threatens this precious resource.  Unmitigated development is eating up farm acreage while partially developed areas lie dormant.  We must assure that these partially developed areas are fully built out before any more farmland succumbs to concrete and mortar.

Climate Stabilization  

The time to stabilize the climate has not passed, the time to act is now!   We need new incentives for solar development, guarantee a reasonable energy buy-back rate, mandate solar collection and battery storage systems on new construction and expand development of a charging station system across the State.  


Criminal Justice Reform


It is urgent to reform our criminal justice system in Florida, law enforcement must be supported yet checks and balances must be implemented.  All members of our community must have confidence that they will be treated fairly and with respect.

Prison reform is needed including a review of our mandatory sentencing, and paths for education and meaningful job training.  We must interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline that penalizes and over-incarcerates minority students.


The American Dream promises equality for ALL and yet, many of us continue to face discrimination.   It is time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, expand Medicaid, strengthen workplace protections that prevent discrimination in hiring and firing practices, and protect contraception and reproductive freedoms.  Most importantly, every individual must be treated fairly, professionally, and humanely when involved with  law enforcement.



Taxpayer funds for education have been diverted to private Charter Schools by previous state legislatures and they should be held to the same standards as public schools and regulated to prevent waste and abuse of scarce resources. 

Put people before the gun lobby.  I believe in gun ownership with common-sense limitations.   Create a gun registry, pass red flag laws, mandate background checks, close the gun-sales loopholes, ban assault weapons and establish a buy-back program to take guns off our streets.  


Sensible Gun Reforms


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